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The A-Team of Culinary Innovators

Creativity is the heart of Marlin Connections culinary. And culinary is the heart of your business. We provide big, insight-driven thinking that inspires solutions with consumer appeal and of-the-moment relevance. Our range of expertise extends from fine dining to QSR, contract feeding to grocery retail and industrial.

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Marlin Connections Culinary Arts

We believe food is central to hospitality. Our classically-trained chefs have diverse expertise across categories including chains, commercial, non-commercial, distributors and brokers. Our Connections Culinary team is always at your service. 

  • Culinary insights
  • Concept and recipe development
  • Culinary trend tours
  • Equipment testing
  • SKU optimization
  • Nutrition analysis
  • Ideation and innovation
  • Full Course: Foodservice Educational Seminars
  • Ferocious Innovation: Virtual experience-based sampling/learning

Featured Connections Culinary Work

Marlin Connections Culinary image of fire in pan

Culinary inspiration

Ferocious Innovation™

Our Propriety Recipe for Success
Ferocious Innovation™ is our three-step innovation process that combines collaboration, strategic thinking and culinary expertise to produce customized menu concepts. Our team creates new opportunities that will successfully enable your business to adapt and thrive in our ever-changing culinary landscape.
Flavor Atlas map

Marlin Network

Flavor Atlas

Marlin Network

Flavor Atlas

Curiosity About the World of Flavor Is as Old as the Time
Flavor Atlas is our proprietary tool to track tastes as they move across the food landscape. Covering important food and beverage trends, Flavor Atlas highlights “mainstream,” “opportunity” and “emerging” flavors.

Marlin Connections Culinary Chef making a Whipstir recipe


Designed by Chefs for Chefs

Whipstir™ gives your chef team easy access to your entire recipe library. If your recipe collection is hiding out in presentation decks, file drawers or servers, Whipstir gives you an easy way to bring them all together in one place. The experience is intuitive, user-friendly, collaborative and secure.

Marlin Connections Culinary Smuckers Jif Show

Jif Culinary Show

Jif® Menu Tool and Live Culinary Demo

At a time when peanut butter is surging in popularity and restaurant operators need more support than ever before, Jif Peanut Butter is here to help! The Jif Menu Tool and Live Culinary Demonstration are bold, fun, interactive ways to engage operators with, shall we say, “sticky” content they’ll keep coming back for.

Perspectives on Culinary Arts

Let's Create Delicious Art Together


Physical offices in:
CHICAGO, Illinois

Virtual offices across the U.S. and Canada

We Build Connections

More than communications or culinary, we build connections. Today’s always-on, ever-changing foodservice universe makes it hard to connect all the right messages in all the right places. Marlin Connections offers the most comprehensive services in the industry, providing deep expertise and unmatched creativity across culinary, digital, content, media and analytics. We’re the only agency that pushes past media analytics and links marketing efforts to true sales conversion.

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