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We think outside the box to craft imagination, content and experiences that change the way operators think about brands and products. From the biggest idea to the teensiest banner ad, we connect creativity to results by understanding the foodservice marketplace, what motivates operators and how to engage them.

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Creativity isn’t just some thing. It’s everything

Our work is the result of years of imagination, content and experiences combined with a diverse group of talented individuals with unique perspectives. We strive to find new ways to make brands stand out, increase engagement and drive response. In today’s hyper-measurable marketplace, we are constantly learning about consumer and customer behaviors and adapting to new and better ways to reach them. 

Branding: We know how to create and steward memorable brands across complex and cluttered foodservice channels.

Creative Strategy: We break through the clutter and layer our extensive foodservice expertise and knowledge into every idea, both big and small. 

Creative Execution:  We develop and optimize campaigns to maximize results with unmatched operator understanding.
Content Creation: Our studio creates mouthwateringly effective photography and motion content.
Digital and UX: Our full-stack development team and UX specialists engage operators with experiences that convert.

Our Work: Imagination, Content and Experience

Mel Fry hero image



Everything is Better When it’s Mel-Fry’d
Mel-Fry believes that great food comes from great kitchens. Operators and their staff work hard on a daily basis, so a product like Mel-Fry can lighten the workload for foodservice operators and employees. By using a high-oleic soybean oil that lasts longer than standard commodity oils, Mel-Fry can also reduce oil and packaging waste up to 50%.

Miss Vickie's bowl of chips

Miss Vickie's

Miss Vickie's

Made with Love and Care
We helped get the word out about Miss Vickie’s®—a unique brand of kettle chips with a story worthy of telling.

Yakima Chiefs icon represents Imagination, content and experiences

Yakima Chief

Yakima Chief

Supplying Hops Responsibly
We raised a pint to Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), communicating the company’s impressive story of sustainable hop production.

Jif peanut butter image

Jif That Dish

Jif That Dish

“Jif That Dish” Menu Tool and Live Culinary Demonstration
Peanut Butter is popular! And Jif is America’s favorite brand. See how we connected the dots for foodservice operators with innovative tools and support.

JM Smuckers all out for breakfast image

All Out for Breakfast

All Out for Breakfast

Smucker’s Integrated Breakfast Campaign
We helped create and coordinate a far-reaching movement to drive breakfast business for restaurants during and after the pandemic.

Smuckers image for Spread Delight

Spread Delight

Spread Delight

Smucker’s Spreads Campaign
With lower-cost private label brands threatening Smucker’s share of the spreads category in away-from-home channels, we built a mouthwatering campaign to retain and grow the spreads business.

Perspectives on Creativity

Let's Create Work That Gets Work


Physical offices in:
CHICAGO, Illinois

Virtual offices across the U.S. and Canada

We Build Connections

More than communications or culinary, we build connections. Today’s always-on, ever-changing foodservice universe makes it hard to connect all the right messages in all the right places. Marlin Connections offers the most comprehensive services in the industry, providing deep expertise and unmatched creativity across culinary, digital, content, media and analytics. We’re the only agency that pushes past media analytics and links marketing efforts to true sales conversion.

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