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Happy Apples sells caramel apples, apples and a few other snacks (you can imagine why we were excited to shoot these). They wanted help capturing some photography and footage to create content for their social media platforms. We even got to visit one of their locations to get images of their farm and processing facility!

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It’s not hard to make caramel apples look good, so we wanted to show the care that goes into making each product, and just how different each one is.

The Point

Capture the Process

We needed to set Happy Apples products apart. The first step was clear: Show their apples. After that, we had to find the moments between harvest and packaging that showed why these are so special!

The Plan

See Everything, Stem to Seed

We went and looked at their farm, their apple processing, where they melt the caramel and even how they coat the peanuts. We captured everything and planned how to recreate the most important stuff in the studio. We paid especially close attention to the steps that went into making their newest product, The Tajin Chili Lime Apple.

The Idea

Finding the Right Moments

From the gorgeous fields to our studio, we got to see each and every step that went into making these products up close. We were particularly captivated by the massive conveyer belts carrying all the apples! Once we got back, they provided us with enough of their Johnathan and Granny Smith Apples to play with in the studio.

We wanted to simplify future social media posts by doing several consistent beauty shots that would showcase the main product family. Shown above (in order of appearance) are the Triple Chocolate Turtle, the Tajin Chile Lime Apple, the Wacky Rainbow Sprinkles Apple, Classic Chopped Peanut Apple and the Select Triple Chocolate Peanut Apple.

And finally we show it all! From how beautiful and unique each apple is to stunning natural slow-mo of the liquid caramel. We’ve also included a couple of the other beauty shots of the finished products.

The Payoff

A Bushel of Beauty Shots

We couldn’t be happier with the results! We got plenty of images to populate the Happy Apple social media accounts for months. On top of that, we documented the way these products came together from the very beginning. The only thing better than seeing all these apples showcased the way they deserve was getting to eat them once we were done!

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