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Turnkey GS1 Optimization Services

Marlin Connections provides a turnkey, integrated solution to develop or optimize all required Global Standards 1 content quickly and efficiently. 

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Product content will continue to become more critical to online selling. Having comprehensive images and item attributes will directly correlate to sales conversion.

Our GS1 Services: Digital Commerce Turnkey Solutions

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Product and Case icon
Product and Case Level Content
  • Allergens
  • Diet types
  • Protein level claims
  • Fat content claims
  • NAE claims
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Marketing Content, Strategy and Consulting
  • Category specific enriched attribution
  • Nutritional information
  • Features and benefits and “why buys”
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Culinary Photography Logo
Culinary and Lifestyle Photography and Video
  • Case, inner-pack or open case, in packaging, out of packaging or raw/uncooked
  • At least one lifestyle image — styled, plated, staged or prepared 
  • Bundle packaging available
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Content management Icon
Content Management and Syndication
  • Key product attributes
  • Prep/cooking instructions
  • Health advantages
  • Channel specific factors

Unparalleled Product Capturing Capabilities

Weights and Measurements

  • Latest equipment to weigh and measure
  • Infrared and ultrasonic sensing technology 
  • Highly precise scales ensure reliable results

Photography, GS1 Services

  • Advanced imaging technology
  • Photographers ensure superior quality and consistency


  • Industry recognized GS1 graphic standards
  • High quality finished product with image background removal, blemish retouching and date code removal

The Digital Shelf

In today’s digital world, foodservice buyers are making purchasing decisions at the digital shelf. Rich, descriptive and relevant content ensures an optimized buying experience and competitor differentiation.

Website product page
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Category-Specific and Enriched Attribution
Stuffed pepper
Nutrition icon
Nutritional Information
Happy eater
Features and benefits icon
Features, Benefits and Why Buys

Content Control With GS1

Create a complete image library

Open Case

Shows the product exactly as the customer will receive it, including correct pack size quantity. Angle shots show pack quantity visually.

Inner Pack

Shows how product will be packaged in order to maintain freshness.

Natural State

Emphasizes visual expectation of the product and increases level of confidence in buyer decision.


High resolution, digital nutrition facts panel along with panel along with packaged label.

Beauty Shot

Picture of product in a dish or being prepared-if there are infographics, they should be used before lifestyle images.

Ecommerce image

Best-In-Class Standard Content

The key to a higher performing cart is in how your content is handled. And while that seems obvious, it can be challenging to work through the extensive details that make the difference. 

Optimized Titles

Titles directly impact SEO rankings. They should be specific, include key words and be easily searchable. 

Detailed Descriptions

Our writers keep information easily scannable, jargon-free and full of necessary and critical information. Our copy answers key questions to help overcome customer barriers.

Informative "Why Buys"

Ensuring that relevant product points, benefits and creative serving suggestions are clearly communicated is the key to engaging customers and securing online sales.

Relevant Key Words

Baking key words into sentence structure helps the page stay relevant and perform better in searches.

Value-Added Imagery

Consumers are often convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Making video a have-to-have instead of a nice-to-have is key to better performance.

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