Fresh-from-the-Oven Brand Development

Marlin Connections developed the OvenStone Bakery brand to reflect the company’s wholesome approach to everyday baked goods.

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Nothing satisfies like fresh-from-the-oven baked breads, buns, wraps and every other bakery case staple or treat. We were tasked to bake all this goodness into a brand-new identity for OvenStone.

The Point

Capture the Essence of OvenStone Bakery

Provide OvenStone—UniPro’s everyday baked goods product line—with a look and feel that encompass the brand’s promise to its customers.

The Plan

Build a Complete Brand Identity

Develop the OvenStone brand by identifying key competitors, the brand name, logo and numerous applications.

The Idea

Communicate the Brand’s Fresh Promise

Create materials that convey OvenStone Bakery’s promise of great things every day.

OvenStone Bakery Brand Guidelines
OvenStone Bakery Primary Logo
Great Things Everyday – We believe that ovens do more than bake. Of course, the hearty, delicious, aromatic baked goods are vital, but so is the feeling of wholesome, quality goodness that comes with a lovingly baked product. And we want that feeling to be present in every meal throughout consumers’ busy lives. That’s why OvenStone Bakery works so hard to bake everyday goodness into every bread, dessert, and snack we sell. From our hearth to your kitchen, OvenStone is the keystone of quality and consistency in your back-of-house and on your patrons’ tables.
OvenStone Bakery Built to Fill Poster
OvenStone Bakery Built to Fill Poster Group
OvenStone Bakery Bagged Bread Group
OvenStone Bakery Corrugate Boxed Bread
Great Things Everyday
OvenStone Apron
OvenStone Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies Packaging
S&S Hilborn Type Specimen Pangram: Inquiring minds just knead to dough where OvenStone homestyle pre-boxed frozen ciabatta breads can be bought.
Montserrat Type Specimen Pangram: OvenStone Bakery bakes doughy pretzels, coquettish crumbly cookies, and extra jumbo paper-wrapped muffins.
Rhythm One Solid Type Specimen Pangram: Excellent OvenStone, the crust, a crumb! A little trust, a demijohn can keep the soul alive. Not portly, mind! But breathing warm, conscious as zealous Napoleona night before the Queen’s crown!
OvenStone Bakery Thanks Mom!

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