Everything is Better When it’s Mel-Fry’d

Mel-Fry believes that great food comes from great kitchens. Operators and their staff work hard every day, so it’s great when a product like Mel-Fry can lighten the workload. By using a high-oleic soybean oil, which lasts longer than standard commodity oils, Mel-Fry can reduce oil and packaging waste up to 50%.

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We were tasked to create a rebrand, which included a digital ad campaign, email series and a new landing page with a video explaining Mel-Fry and its reasons to buy. The split visual effect throughout the campaign demonstrates fry quality, consistency and why everything is better when it’s Mel-Fry’d.

The Point

Showcase the Benefits of Mel-Fry Oil

Demonstrate the knowledge and expertise that go into making Mel-Fry such a fantastic product.   

The Plan

Make Every Mel-Fry Communication Better

Create an ad campaign communicating just what makes Mel-Fry and the foods it touches so much better.

The Idea

Show What Mel-Fry Can Do

We didn’t want to just tell operators what Mel-Fry can do, we wanted to show them. We used beautiful food photography to showcase all the benefits of using Mel-Fry oil.

Ventura Mel-Fry Everything is better when it’s Mel-Fry’d
Ventura Mel-Fry Overhead Chicken Wings in Fry Basket Hero
Ventura Mel-Fry Overhead Chicken Wings in Fry Basket Hero
Ventura Mel-Fry Back-of-House Mel-Fry Everything is Better When it’s Mel-Fry’d Poster
Ventura Mel-Fry Overhead Churros in Fry Basket Hero
Ventura Mel-Fry Everything Is Better When It’s Mel-Fry’d Landing Page
Ventura Mel-Fry $250 Offer Landing Page
Ventura Mel-Fry Overhead Onion Rings in Fry Basket Hero
Ventura Mel-Fry Overhead Plated Onion Rings Hero

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