Marlin Connections products and services

Culinary and Marketing Essentials

Food and service are changing fast, and expectations are more demanding than ever. Marlin Connections products and services help food marketers and culinarians work more efficiently.

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Marlin Connections Products and Services

Marlin Connections products and services include GS1 packages, Whipstir recipe database, foodservice training and unmatched culinary innovation support.

dtc – Direct to consumer/customer commerce

Fast Track to E-commerce

We offer a turnkey end-to-end E-commerce solution that covers everything from store setup to customer service to distribution. Let us show you how we can boost sales and drive customer insights that empower your entire business. Schedule a kick-off call with a Marlin Connections e-commerce expert now.

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redefining hospitality

Guest Xperts™

Guest X is the culmination of people, technology and systems working seamlessly together to provide guest experiences that consistently deliver your brand promise.


Whipstir™ Recipe System

Are your delicious recipes trapped on someone’s computer? Or stuck in a Google Sheet? Perhaps they are safely kept on a SharePoint server, somewhere, right? Empower your culinary and sales team with Whipstir. This recipe management tool will streamline recipe creation, sharing, finding and much more.

Marlin Connections Products and Services: computer showing the Whipstir interface

Learn from the best-in-class culinarians and marketers

Full Course™ Training

Full Course is a dynamic, virtual training program for industry veterans as well as those entirely new to the game. But it’s no cookie-cutter snooze fest. Sessions can be supplemented with actual culinary education, meal kits, swag bags, games, prizes and real conversations. While the training content is fact-filled and insightful, it is also fluid to help create the most memorable program possible. 

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OUr network of culinarians

Marlin Connections Culinary Arts

Creativity is the heart of culinary. And culinary is the heart of your business. We provide big, insight-driven thinking that inspires solutions with consumer appeal and of-the-moment relevance. Our range of expertise extends from fine dining to QSR, contract feeding to grocery retail and industrial.

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GS1 Standards and Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®)

GS1 made simple

Poor data quality leads to unhappy customers, wasted labor and inefficient shipping. Protect the integrity of your brand through synchronized data. Our product data content audit identifies the things you’re doing right and uncovers opportunities to increase conversion.

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Virtual Events

Real, Turnkey Solutions for Virtual Sales Meetings, Trade Shows and Other Events

The way people get together to organize, inform, entertain, and energize has changed. With a virtual event planned and executed by Advantage Marketing Partners, you can leverage the combined skills of experts in technology, content, communications, and other relevant areas needed for a successful digital meetup.

Virtual Event services from Marlin Network

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Physical offices in:
CHICAGO, Illinois

Virtual offices across the U.S. and Canada

We Build Connections

More than communications or culinary, we build connections. Today’s always-on, ever-changing foodservice universe makes it hard to connect all the right messages in all the right places. Marlin Connections offers the most comprehensive services in the industry, providing deep expertise and unmatched creativity across culinary, digital, content, media and analytics. We’re the only agency that pushes past media analytics and links marketing efforts to true sales conversion.

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