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Hey, Clyde’s team!  

Thank you for meeting and letting us regale you with breakfast, a power point, and lots of donut-centered discussions. During the presentation, we didn’t get to share any examples of how Connections has worked similarly with other brands. After we compiled our notes from last week, we hand-picked a few really nice case studies to send your way.   

Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? Click through to go more in-depth on each client, or better yet, reach out for more details. We’ll drop everything to take your call.


We specialize in food marketing and we bring an unmatched passion for work that helps companies grow. We’re excited by the thought of working together with Clyde’s Donuts.

case study

How we personified a classic brand...

Miss Vickie’s Made with love and care since 1987
…take a look at our work with Miss Vickie’s, where we elevated and amplified a destined-to-be forgotten label and transformed it into a beloved brand with the help of packaging and consumer-forward messaging.

case study

How we refreshed a dessert brand's look and feel...

…check out how we positioned ultra-premium dessert maker Sweet Street, creating a style guide which informed the company’s advertising, packaging, and web design, keeping their messaging cohesive.

case study

How we gave new life to this bakery brand...

...see how we revived Inspirations Artisan Bakery, a brand of decadent baked goods, giving it a fresh new look and reawakening the positive emotion associated with enjoying dessert.

And later in the journey…

…when Clyde’s is ready to conquer the foodservice landscape, we are uniquely suited to help you prepare, from sell sheets and channel expertise, to connecting you to operators we know personally. Our work with Aspire Bakeries keeps Otis Spunkmeyer cookies front and center in the minds of foodservice buyers, thanks to eye-catching design, customizable POS materials, and other powerful sales tools. 

Ready when you are.

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