Maruchan® Recipe Videos

Maruchan® needed help developing recipe videos for their ramen products and our team was more than happy to handle the culinary ideas and turnkey production.  The videos are featured in the recipes section of the Maruchan® website along with the full recipes we helped create.

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The Point


We wanted to show how fun and delicious applications of these products could be! We made Beef-Flavored Ramen into French Onion Soup Ramen, and Cheddar Cheese Yakisoba into a Cheesy Bacon Carbonara.
We also wanted to leave room to show an elevated version of the premium products that were about to be released, which we did with a custom shou sugi ban surface, dramatic lighting and more traditional Japanese recipes.

The Plan

A Collaborative and Repeatable Process

We started by creating recipes that were reviewed by Maruchan’s culinary team. We then developed storyboards to show our plan to their creative team who then joined us in the studio for a few days of shooting, followed by a couple of weeks of editing.

The Idea

Bold Colors for Bold Food

With the colors they provided for each product, we had two-tone backgrounds printed for each video. We went with solid colors to emphasize the fun tone without distracting from the beautiful food (although that really wasn’t going to be a problem on any background). We also ended up custom painting a set of pans, bowls and utensils for each video using those same colors.

In the basic videos, we wanted to show that these products could be made into top-tier dishes by anyone. We did this by showing every step of the process and only using the simplest tools. Skillets and hotplates are about as basic as cooking can get, so we combined that with a minimalist style to be fun without overshadowing the food!

While the 16:9 videos were perfect for the recipe pages on the website, we decided to do 1×1 versions of each video so that they wouldn’t be wasting real estate when they posted them on their social media pages.

With several of the more basic recipe videos under our belt, the premium product was going to make for some very exciting videos. We built and charred a planked shou sugi ban surface, revamped our standard lighting set up and switched to higher and closer camera angles with softer focus. These were a blast!

The Payoff

A Consistent and Stylish Collection

After all the fun we had working on this project, we were left with a huge collection of videos, a pantry full of ramen and an appetite for more of both!

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