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Nature Nate’s® Honey Co. came to us to help them come up with some social media content. We ended up shooting recipe videos for their Honey Flat White drink and Honey Chicken Bites dish. We also shot photos and a video of an over the top and loosely defined charcuterie board!

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The Point

Rediscovering an Underappreciated Ingredient

Nature Nate’s® had already established a social media presence based around showing people exciting new ways to use the honey that they already have in their pantry. We loved this idea and decided to run with it by reminding viewers that everything could be better with Nature Nate’s®.

The Plan

We Got More Than Enough

We knew which two recipes they wanted us to create, so we crafted storyboards that fit those recipes into the time constraints while still showing every important step. After some tweaks to the storyboards, we picked the talent, scheduled the shoot and started picking props.

The Idea

Quick, Pretty and Easy to Follow

The videos were meant for social media, so we knew from the start what challenges needed to be addressed. Text on screen would make every step clear, while also freeing us up to use high-speed footage of some of the prettier steps (which were most of them).

For these two videos, we wanted to show that just because the recipes are easy — anyone could make them in their own kitchen — they don’t have to taste easy. We shot one in a 1:1 aspect ratio and the other at 16:9 for use on different platforms.

Because we received the product and were able to shoot the videos quicker than expected, we decided to throw together one charcuterie board build in a very different style than the others. We went with a breakfast theme and threw in just about everything we could come up with—as long as it could be better with honey.

The Payoff

Wholesome Honey Handiwork

We built this board while filming every lovely step as close as possible without getting honey on the lens. We also set up an overhead camera to grab images as we thoroughly picked it over. After taking these images and stitching them together into a time-lapse, we had a set of four beautiful honey videos! 

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