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The new normal has shifted to-go in foodservice from being a maybe to an absolute must have. To help operators, we worked with Bush’s to create a takeout program that could help establishments keep families in their community well-fed and business going.

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Starting with bean-based recipes for family-sized meals and original recipes created in tandem with chefs, we created an email campaign, landing page, point-of-sale materials and social media tools to help operators.

The Point

Support Operators in Trying Times

Help operators and those they serve with meal ideas that will keep everyone in the community moving forward. 

The Plan

Come Together and Do Good

Team up with chefs and operators who were affected by COVID to help solve some of the many issues facing the foodservice industry. 

The Idea

Share Our Combined Expertise with Everyone

Combine our experience and ingenuity to create a portfolio of ideas, advice and resources to help as many as possible.

Black Bean and Bacon Nachos

Focus was put on showcasing how great these meal options could look to both customers as well as operators concerned with the bottom line.

Bush’s Good-To-Go Landing Page on Mobile Phone

We created different methods of reaching out to operators to support their business with things like social media tools and point-of-sale materials.

Summer Cookout Shrimp and Grits
Bush’s Good-To-Go Operator Posters
Bush’s Good-To-Go Infographic
Taco Fiesta Lasagna Family Meal

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